Engineered blend of oxides outperforms other electrode types.

E3® Electrodes Maintain A Stable Tip Geometry

And Therefore a Longer Life!


Photo results of 5 hour weld tests at 80, 150 & 250 Amps

80 Amps for five 1 hour cycles



Welding Parameters For Continuous Welding Test

Electrode:  3/32 - 30°

Ignition assistance:  HF-Ignition

Inert gas:  Argon 4.6 @ 9 l/min

Gas pre flow time:  5 sec

Gas post flow time:  10 sec

Distance Electrode-Anode:  3 mm

Distance Electrode-nozzle:  5 mm

Anode material:  Copper (water-cooled)

Filler material:  none